Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

Why I need to visit the USA?

There are too many questions:

  • Do they really sell milk in plastic containers?
  • Why they don't have fences around their houses?
  • Can you really eat potato chips on a sandwich?
  • McDonald's: Is the smallest cup of cola really the biggest one in my country (0,5l)?
  • Are the lane markings on the streets really yellow instead of white?
  • Do I really get automatically coffee refills in diners? And are the cans for decaffeinated coffee marked orange?
  • Are people in LA really so good looking and sporty?
  • Are there really metal fire ladders on the back of the houses in New York?
  • Are all school busses so typical like we see it in movies?
  • Do every older man in Texas have a cowboy hat and a big gun?
  • Is WAL MART a creepy place?
  • How the food at "Taco Bell" tastes?
  • Are there really so many fat people…?
  • What is American football about? What are the rules? And do Americans really think football is called soccer and it's for little girls?
  • Can you really make a barbecue between trailers next to a stadium?
  • Can you really get married in Las Vegas without an appointment and while you're drunk?
  • Are the cars really so big and are there really so many pickup trucks? Do wood-shoded estate cars exist (and is it real wood…?)?
  • How the new WTC in New York looks like?
  • Do they eat hot dogs with sauerkraut on the streets of New York?
  • Are the bills really all in green (no other colors?) and are there almost no coins, so that your purse is full of paper?
  • How a big Mormon church looks like?
  • Are there mostly top-load washing machines and no front-load ones?
  • Do all sockets look like shocked smilies? D=
  • Are sweets (like chocolate cake) really full of sugar and more sweet than our sweets? And is healthy food really that expansive?
  • How real american pancakes with maple syrup taste like??
  • What is really written at the signboards in front of churches?
  • How big is the Statue of Liberty and can I go up to the crone?
  • Are the controls on american airports really so strict?
  • Are there really these metal mailboxes with little red flags in front of american houses?
  • Do Americans really say "…and God bless America!" in everyday life?
  • Do they really love their flag so much and have shirts, skirts, bags etc. with Stars and Stripes?
  • Are there really commercial breaks on tv shows every ten minutes??
  • How big is the Grand Canyon?
  • Do the town "Forks" from "twilight" exists and is it really raining there every day?
  • How is it to celebrate Thanksgiving Day?
  • What is written at the stickers on the back of cars?
  • Can you really order caramel or butter to your popcorn at cinema theatre?
  • Why is the paper in notebooks yellow? (Does it called legal pad?) And do the sheets have tree holes (instead of two)?
  • How speedometers with miles instead of kilometers look like?

à Don't tell me the answers, I need to figure it out on my own!
I'm trying to collect the money for a USA-trip since many years. One day, ONE DAY, I will answer all this questions :)

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